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We develop solutions for data acquisition, treatment, mining, monitoring and analysis of industrial and agriculture productive processes.

Key Benefits

A single customizable platform for all monitoring - Predictive Maintenance, Equipment, Processes, OEE, unlimited Tags, unlimited Clients, unlimited connections (Communicate with any PLC of any brand) and unlimited users.

Predictive Maintenance through vibration analysis, energy efficiency (Electrical and Compressed Air Systems), Hydraulic Oil Quality and Condition, and any other pain to be monitored on a single platform.

Full health monitoring of the equipment by crossing several data, as your equipment must be fully diagnosed, vibration analysis, problems in hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, energy analysis and any other data that is important for your process.

Our team has more than 20 years of experience on the factory floor, developing complete industrial automation solutions, including traceability systems, process control, instrumentation and robotic cells.

Flexible architecture according to the customer's needs. On premises, Virtualized or on Cloud

Customizable applications for old machines (Brown Field) and new equipment (Green Field). Take advantage of your existing instrumentation structure, without the need for unnecessary investments in instrumentation and automation

Sectors of Operation

Our clients

What is Industry 4.0?

Pillars of Industry 4.0


Increased productivity through the introduction of intelligent robots in the execution of repetitive tasks


Process optimization through computer simulation

System Integration

Greater value chain integration and automation

Additive Manufacturing

Production cost reduction and increased prototyping flexibility through 3D printing

Cyber Security

Protection of data and systems through the creation of cybersecurity systems


Elimination of the company's physical IT infrastructure with the transmission of services hosted on the internet

Industrial Internet (IIoT)

Also known as the Industrial Internet of Things, it consists of connecting all the devices in the production process through a network, with the aim of increasing the speed and effectiveness of the collection and exchange of information.

Augmented Reality

Simulations of production processes and work instructions through cameras or augmented reality glasses, all remotely and closer to reality

Big Data e Analytics

Collection, processing and analysis of large amounts of data, helping decision-making and increasing the performance of production processes (improvement in energy consumption, increased equipment availability, reduction of failures)

Cases de Sucesso

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